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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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latest news on the week's top stories in r.t. a bloodstained end to an era in libya with allegations colonel gadhafi was executed by the interim government's troops. breaking point this week columns clashes erupted in greece as people were hit with more sturdy measures e.u. leaders up against the clock to try and resolve the debt crisis. battle over barricades nato forces failed to remove the disputed serbia kosovo border exactly it's a scar the blockade to stop the peacekeepers advance. with a look back at the past seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly on r.t. the libyan interim government has declared the symbolic liberation of the country following the death of kind of gadhafi he was gunned down in unclear circumstances
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while fleeing the city of sirte on thursday the incident sparked international calls for an investigation with allegations the ousted libyan leader was executed and it video portrays a man boasting that he shot gadhafi twice during his capture a claim is supported by a post mortem which discovered to put holes in the colonel's body elections analogy to be held in libya within eight months followed by the formation of a new government and the drafting a constitution of the post gadhafi future looks uncertain as ethnic and tribal divisions emerge among libyans once united in revolution and then as nato which is winding down its military intervention well its members rushed to secure lucrative oil deals with the new libyan authorities in the snowy is in tripoli with more. not too long ago it was handshakes and hugs now it's his head and feet and his family and a lot of. foreign involvement fact that he was always portrayed as a great guy who you also played a lot of food. with the western powers. graphic gruesome footage of exactly went
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viral as news of his death spread after months of being number one and made a list under the banner humanitarian mission. we came we saw died. and t.c. claims he was killed in crossfire but edited video begs to differ here clearly wiping one from his head then clearly dead took a look at those movies into the footage shown on t.v. proves that he was captured alive and wounded and also about he was killed. although pressure is growing for an investigation find out if it's down from died as clinton put it or was executed the u.n. human rights organization should all push not only for investigation.
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and certainly the lynching of many of the libyan numbers of the. support. but also the warnings that inflicted in libya that destroyed so many of libya's infrastructure and also so many libyan civilians who died who were killed in the. alliance of prisoners claim the mission in libya is coming to hand the no fly zone will be reviewed at the u.n. security council but many believe this is only the end of gadhafi and the beginning of a new era of crisis libya is in for a period of horrendous chaos after the nato by. it's brought parts of libya back to the stone age some say the race for the country's oil has gone france is already demanding thirty five percent of libya's gross national gross oil production and i suspect that the people of libya will be furious and outraged that they are paying
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france for having bought the infrastructure having destroyed the schools the hospitals the the water supply and importantly united in hatred for the dow thirty might not stand together now that he's gone all these these different groups who were held together but something that was a feat and that's gone away you can redirect their anger and ensure there and i think. chaos ensues and political instability there's a lot of people looking back on libya and their spirit and change you back for now and that is not celebrations continued throughout the week of cross look country and it seems few people here are really thinking about the future of libya without gadhafi it really means for them a country with no bigger a lot of weapons and even more oil reporting from tripoli and he's now a r.t. . and he's keeping us updated with the latest from tripoli online as well and we
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have to do is head toward his twitter stream to keep track of her account of events in post libya. jordan greece professor who told me earlier that he thinks that libyans have nothing to celebrate because the in toil uprising against gadhafi has been hijacked by nato and its mercenaries. it was not that evolution i mean they claimed it was that evolution started the revolutions. and that not only in this part of the world but but in historical study speaking this cannot be described as evolution it was some sort of a coup de tat there where you have the military computer back by nato and actually nato. nato actually under the pretext of helping civilians or protecting civilians waged a war against libya both the infrastructure of this state the institutions the ordinary civilians and the reports say that tens of thousands of libyans were killed now
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that cannot be described as that evolution it's an occupation and the gangs the armed gangs we've seen what they've done with these armed gangs but not revolution i think their message that it's. over in syria the death of colonel gadhafi sparked a fresh wave of antigovernment protests calling for president bashar assad to step down dozens more people reportedly shot dead as troops loyal to damascus cracked down on the demonstrators every three thousand are said to have been killed in the country since march but the artist has a similar reports from syria both sides of the conflict have plenty of blood on their hands. this is the office of the trader it's one of the messages on the wall he's real and the u.s. were able to buy you with a thousand dollars says another. this is where several opposition leaders work like abdel aziz al fired he had been a vocal critic and had spent forty years in jail and very bad time he recalls like many opposition members he thinks there's really very little room for me conciliation under the current environment. because troops
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must be withdrawn. clear voice is the regime i don't know. list. he insists this week protesters were forced to respond to attacks by security forces but the acknowledges that now it's simply not black and white response ability for the violence goes both ways. but this killing civilians some civilians killing. soldiers they are son was one of the first soldiers killed since protests began of the country he was killed in daraa on march twenty three. all foreign media knowledge that too many of the army and national guard lost their lives so how can some people see that on good state existed he could knapp's these civilians and only members like my son how could all new members kill other members this is impossible the media that says it is plain
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lying. and therein lies the problem the moment. there is confusion about what's really going on information is taken by each side and used to defend their position so if you hear only arguments from one side you like to believe that amid this atmosphere of confusion and misinformation the question for reforms continues what's a lingering better forms this is another question whenever a new legislation is made we see an escalation of the security situation in syria and they can buy the guns but we cannot absolutely blame on the government as i mean some circles trying to provoke a forces for both sides are calling for dialogue to sit down and talk with the syrians themselves agree that if this crisis is to be resolved the foundation of trust should be first laid out but with each threat order that syria will spoil the rise in an already widening political gap. damascus.
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coming our way this hour in r.t. the class gap devouring the u.s. . as dozens of people arrested across america for peaceful anti corporate demonstrations anger towards the so-called one percent keeps on growing. exchange for a thousand palestinian prisoners on an israeli soldier comes home after five years in captivity but it's left some families feeling their lost children have been forgotten. the story still to come but first european leaders been holding crucial talks in brussels aimed at resolving the region's debt crisis and keeping another recession and they're pushing on banks to accept that the greek debt will never be paid in full and instead they should raise new capital to deal with the losses that's across livewell cheap brussels across from the new bushel daniel it's
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a race against time isn't it for european leaders to resolve this ongoing crisis so what have they actually achieved now. well any talk of greece exiting this crisis properly have gone out of the window and with the record writing on the streets of athens the e.u. leaders are putting pressure on to cancel on their huge loans to greece and they are huge the latest news is that the national greece will reach one hundred ninety one percent of g.d.p. next year and of course that's so completely unsustainable charities so obviously resisting these moves they say that if some bureaucrat's can. just like that then the world lending market will simply dry up more you leaders knew there wouldn't be an agreement crisis meeting that's going on at the moment and already before this summit took place was saying that there will be an extra extraordinary summit by
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wednesday rather being their plans for a european economic government with a single leader but i understand a new link is suggesting that it might be created sooner than later so what is the position on that. yes you leaders have agreed to create a european economic government with the eurozone summit to enforce its according to a leak that we've received is a controlled countries like italy there's been a blazing row here between prime minister silvio berlusconi who reportedly refused any more national there and see measures that happened. saturday night with germany's i'm glad merkel now germany says that spain has taken these spending cuts so why should it's only do the same to get their house in order also the public realm between france and germany is worrying investors for a big part it's already it's hundreds of billions of euros but it wants more. potential any potential failures in the eurozone. they could be more countries
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next whereas germany germany's angela merkel is well aware that the german taxpayers will have to pay for any such bailouts and. pushing for those come to try and get their house in order on their own it's all german officials here are saying this whole euro zone project is starting to look like a single one way flow of cash from southern europe greeks differently of course they were having to put up with very different cuts in public services in greece enforced by inforced in brussels as our correspondent there first reports from athens. they said at the top there right there there are very very. tight fist things that's growing public angry about that see what that means that people here in the country that's being fought in that way it is buyer out that people sent him
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a space on top of that. and ten topics but i don't find any here in the country it's threateningly high and we. can do ration of these medicines. really these things have affected everyone here in play. here. and there are like. oh some five of the nation of the people who are going to fight peacefully because we want our lives. the young and the people from all walks of life to end the t.j. protest the largest police to seen since the crisis began one and they file and print first place very far it's it was instant the thank you once again boiling eva with fights breaking out not just with the police that amongst the protest is in
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cells the greek society is facing a social disaster for the past two years we've received austerity package after austerity package people are beyond third breaking point they cannot stand it anymore. and it's not just the phrase has is with an appetite to change the debate was passed from top government officials it applies to position them to say he thinks that in asia business struggling with his conscience he's not the only one speaking to police major after the protests at the start of the month tell me the pressure t. for the riot police involved in these events you know. it is very hard to describe the feelings of the policeman because there are two a social and professional group of course suffering great economic measures of the government has to take sometimes it is really hard for them to take part in these protests as working people but once more they have to take to the streets to focus back playtest is. he wanted to make their points piece the rest of your money i
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think it's going to be watching a ferry closely because this isn't just a problem that affects great situation in fact the entire year i think you can see the. ok fine to cut you right now we're going to get a three pack i think. the people here again have to wait a while longer see if anyone's now be ready to listen there's. at least one hundred two wall street protesters were arrested by police during the occupy chicago demonstration for refusing to leave a city park this comes two days after dozens of protesters were arrested in new york i just say the police responded to their peaceful rallies with unnecessary force it's been over a month since the protests against back cats and corporate greed erupted in the u.s. send us what is going to teach her explains the expanding gap between rich and the poor could have consequences for the country. a class war seemed impossible in
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a country where being wealthy east part of the national green could espouse and march on wall street and in other parts of america protesting against the system that they claim works only for the benefit of a few super rich individuals and corporations many asked whether america is facing a class war that it's only when the rich are getting ritual the middle class is collapsing class war is being waged in a way unfortunately the world saw it is winning the so-called one percent of winners are the nation's top corporations which this year the economy's very slow growth has non the less made record profits but thanks to various loopholes plenty of these corporations pay little or not being in parts of the corporations say they need the tax breaks to be able to invest more in to hire more america's second largest energy producers chevron is now lobbying not to let the government catch them more and to my question how many americans has chevron hired since the tax
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breaks were introduced in two thousand and four the c.e.o. of the company said they were up slightly a few thousand in our upstream business over the years but not significantly not significantly on our chevron payroll. a few thousand jobs for the billions of dollars in tax stimulus that the government gave them economists say married his largest corporations are sitting on more than three trillion dollars and not investing in the economy unemployment in the us remains over nine percent where we live in a nation where corporations good for profit off a child dying at the same time put their parents into bankruptcy could they're trying to pay for these kids medical bills. what does that say about our country the wall street answer to people's rage and if you kill all three will be nobody held a job but as one of the protesters tried to put a word of objection with all of it all done all done is not your show monkey i'm
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talking to these people hold on i'm not talking to you i will give you my blood talking to you personal success and money have always being part of the american dream for the rich the aspiration to become rich is deeply ingrained in american society and widely promoted by pop culture but those who took to the streets have made it clear that the situation when the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is not their idea of the american dream in fact this could be the end of it and the beginning of a class war i'm going to shift our reporting from washington barkley. live from moscow this is our team with twenty four hours a day still to come visit. report on why nato warnings and to gas oil is enough to get ethnic serbs to remove their current cade's next to the disputed so because of a border. the first is being held the historic middle east prisoner exchange with over a thousand palestinians being swapped for just one israeli soldier following a massive campaign for his release was freed after being health of five years in
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captivity by hamas but his homecoming has left many jewish families feeling bitter as paula smith has been finding out. if we date announce new one. he comes here to a place that looks after israeli soldiers who are alone in the country who come from difficult backgrounds the being here is often more of a comfort to him and the youngsters he hopes because it brings him that little bit closer to his son mashpee who disappeared one year before pilate shalit was taken hostage we are modern or must have sadness over and over again the government and the country are not doing enough. and gave to the saudi family here are at the moment seven israeli soldiers who've been kidnapped or who are missing in action and as news sun majesty disappeared while hitchhiking to his army base major want to ride was captured twenty five years ago after his a craft was shot down of eleven on these of the last pictures of him alive taken in
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a prison in iran guy have it disappeared fourteen years ago he was last seen at his army base one kilometer from the syrian border. it's improving it's inacceptable that after fourteen years the government still has nothing to tell us our demand is that the government bring us any information alive dead here and lebanon and syria just bring it but they've brought us nothing. so certain her son is still alive and while she's pleased to be allowed is coming home she's just allusion to a new government that made it possible for him but not for her son. it's about media attention b.r. how he wants now he succeeded in marketing their son we saw it as a family this was a growl as we thought it was enough the guy was an i.d.f. soldier in uniform but we were wrong very very wrong. and then.
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this is a country that depends on its army for its survival is an unwritten code that every soldier who goes to war must be brought back home that'll be hard because i'll be free gilad shalit campaign twenty two years here for. his family and his camp here in front of the prime minister's office every morning when the time they are left his home he was reminded about the soldier who could not return to his beloved i'm not embarrassed to say that the government and the country are not doing enough for my son and the rest of those missing in action it is important for us to bring our soldiers home the spiritual sanderson's to war we need to know that the country will do everything possible to get them back oh it's done just that in the case of gilad shalit but what cost will militants now be empowered to kidnap and nothern israeli soldier and will israel be willing to pay this price again. more world news in brief for you now in our world update this
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a seven point three magnitude earthquake has struck the city of van in eastern turkey close to the border with iran authorities say at least eighty five have been killed and over one hundred fifty injured after some eighty buildings collapsed in the area including several hotels and a student dormitory there also reports of power loss and disruption to telephone lines military planes have taken off from the capital ankara for van carrying aid and supplies with the red cross at the scene the aftershocks are also felt in iran armenia and georgia the turkish prime minister is on his way to the affected region . present hundred karzai has said his country would practice pakistan if it ever went to war with the us a statement that contrasts with his harsh criticism of his nation's eastern neighbor during the u.s. secretary of state's recent visit to kabul both hillary clinton cause i have accused the pakistan government of providing safe haven to terrorist groups launching attacks in afghanistan. a large german satellite has made an
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uncontrolled reentry into the atmosphere after being deactivated in space over a decade ago scientists were able to communicate with the satellite before its return and another trying to determine its whereabouts space enthusiastic worldwide are following the latest developments on the search for the fallen telescope online via nine crew blogs. nato led peacekeepers trying to remove roadblocks in northern kosovo had been prevented by serbians who sat on the roads guarding the disputed serbia course of a border crossing serb set up with barricades in july to stop kosovo from extending its control over the part of the country populated mostly by ethnic serbs and i think more information reports on the continuing standoff. as months of tension between serves nicole bell and crosswords continue roads in northern course remain closed for some serbs are fortifying barricades and see themselves again as a victim of history these cartoon reads and if it is your granddad's which if it is
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your father's will win again local serbs compare bin laden led peacekeeping force in kosovo ok for the fascist occupiers of the past they will then why didn't think that they can come and take our land serbia's our home we don't want to live in albania want to look how they aren't there we have nothing but flag and faith in god some two hundred meters away they took a four soldiers keep watching i would be quick solution i thought played agreement but i did all this in the last week. if that is not to be reached i have to be on my own in my own needs. no surprise the generals only means and military once the status quo nor the course of the remains the standoff between k. four soldiers and the local serbs are real is no closer to resolution people from
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both sides of the barricades are glad to avoid any further violence away from media where hostility is commonplace this twenty three year old syrian man was with his father when he was shot just three weeks ago visiting ben bewitch in courses south western. the minority they were entirely and claves i was waiting for him in a car i saw him coming out of your being in cafeteria. gunshots and my dad fell down i rushed to him but i was worried he died immediately i didn't even say goodbye to him. w. bush owes us his wounds he was shocked when his father's killer is try to eliminate the only witness i will never return to the place. i'm worrying about my family and myself in a separate incident just last week another in our series was killed in a cold front with a local these two men together with their friend mere drug they follow the big
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family went to see what used to be served land now owned by ethnic albanians since serbs fled after nature's nine hundred ninety nine bombing of yugoslavia they were stopped by the occupier we talked for five minutes then he said he needed to come back to his car to take can solve home but came back and stand with a kalashnikov do you want your land back he shouted and started firing at us we are drug was killed at the scene. the men who just lost their friends they there is only one reason he was killed that's just because we are serbs periods eleven years after the end of major conflict here and despite the presence of international peacekeepers violence seems to be still part of everyday life for some in this troubled breakaway province and there is little sign that's likely to change or if nationality costs. attempting something for the moment all be back with a recap of this week's top stories and today's headlines in just
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a few moments with us live here this is the weekly but i'll take. it as a surprise for you australia and. new zealand in the early going to see
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the film on the screen if you want to have sex go and have sex. on. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the. streets play at . leas in chips a good chance the chance is to get the status of the human experiment. with thirty weeks you'll see this rap music because it goes to trial sense of global
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economy and it's all changed things as finance attempts. to maintain our confidence in markets and. wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look b.p. nations close to collapsing the subprime loans close. to fail circulates again feel like it is the us crisis and imminent. sealing it seems just like the clubs in athens greece the spokesman just programs increase the total economy. wealthy british style. tirelessly. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy because the reports on our key.


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